The Service

The Service

Our outbreak prevention barriers are a microscopic protective layer of surface spray disinfectant that is applied through the process of misting and we will be offering two layers of protection.


Outbreak is a reactive service provided in situations where a viral, bacterial or fungal outbreak has already occurred.

Outbreak includes

quarantine of the infected zone,

direct treatment of high frequency touch points (HTP) in the infected zone

Application of our outbreak barrier to ensure the infected zone is safe to be reused as quickly as possible.

Due to this service being a reactive service we will endeavour to be onsite with an aim to have an area re-inhabitable within 48 hours of the customer engaging our services.


Reduce the risk of an outbreak ever occurring by taking advantage of our Outbreak Prevention Barriers.

Outbreak Prevention includes

The service includes an initial assessment to determine the overall cleanliness of the area, volume usage and frequency usage.

A schedule will then be created based on these metrics.

Application of our outbreak barrier to ensure your surroundings are protected from harmful germs year-round.

The Product

Outbreak Prevention Surface Barrier is a unique film forming disinfectant that kills on contact, and creates an antimicrobial barrier that has persistent activity to help prevent the transmission of germs in high activity environments based on silicone polymer chemistry BioProtect™ bonds with the surface, ensuring the active ingredients remain in place, ready to work over and over again.


What sets this product apart however is how it works.


Alcohol, chlorine and Quaternary Ammonium, the active ingredient in nearly all disinfectants on the market, kill germs by poisoning them. This method of killing germs is thwart with problems. This method of poisoning germs takes time, is reliant on people correctly mixing chemicals and also knowing the correct active ingredient to kill and the dwell time (wet contact of the chemical with the microorganism) for each type of bacteria, virus or fungus. This can lead to the following problems.

Creating layers of protection – Microorganisms can generate proteins that allow the cells to mutate and create barriers that the active ingredients can no longer fight against.

Becoming dormant – Microorganisms can simply become dormant during the dwell period and become active again once the product has evaporated.

Resistance – Microorganisms can develop a tolerance for the active ingredient meaning the active ingredient will no longer be effective in killing the microorganism.

Short kill periods – Due to evaporation of active ingredients and the fact that these products only work with wet contact killing periods are limited.  Once the ingredients have evaporated the areas is open to reinfection.

This has led over time to strains of virus resistant to these chemicals such as Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) and Multi resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).


Outbreak Prevention Surface Barrier works by physically killing the microorganism. When our surface spray makes contact with surfaces it bonds to the surface forming a barrier. This barrier is made up of trillions of microscopic spines which act like spears piercing the outer membrane of the microorganisms. Each spear also has a nitrogen molecule at the base of the cell which when in contact with the microorganism creates an electrical charge killing the microorganism.

Outbreak Prevention Surface Barrier also works when dry meaning that the product will continue to kill for up to 28 days after application.

This process of killing the microorganism physically means that there is no possibility for mutation, for microorganisims to be come dormant or for the opportunity for resistance and as the surface barrier works when dry it will continue to kill long after application. 

Our Customers

Aged care facilities

Government facilities

Public transport

Airports, aeroplanes and cruise ships

Schools and childcare centres


Commercial offices

Outbreak Prevention Price Guide

Price will vary based on individual locations but roughly we try to stick to this

price guide.


– Schools and Childcare: $1.50 per child

– Healthcare: $1.30 per square metre

– Commercial space: From $.60 per square metre

– Public transport and passenger transport $.60 per square metre


Minimum cost is $250.00 per treatment. All prices exclude GST.


Outbreak Response Price Guide


 Price upon enquiry.


Variables can include response time, size of premise/facility, location and logistics of service delivery and access times.


Minimum cost is $500.00 per treatment. All prices exclude GST.

If you're interested in one of our Prevention services, please get in touch using the form below. One of our team members will be in touch you shortly.

If you are in urgent need of our Outbreak service, please call 1300 OUTBREAK.